About classes at Satchidananda Mission


*Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery* This is a skillfully crafted class for women in all stages of breast cancer. It is safe for those in treatment, post surgery, and recovery. The set of practices in this class will support treatment  by decreasing pain, managing the stress response,  it will help to  improve range of motion, realign bodily posture, and you will receive support in a nurturing environment, share information and build friendships. 

Therapeutic Yoga is our most accessible class. It is designed for those who would like to gently move their bodies and learn mindful stress reduction techniques. If you have limited mobility, would like to increase and preserve joint health, regain core strength, or if you haven't moved for a while this is the class for you.

Gentle Yoga classes are designed for bodies that want to be gently guided through a full set of asanas, breathing practices and relaxation in an appropriate intelligent way. We suggest if you have taken a break from your Hatha Yoga practice or if you are recovering from injury or illness or if you simply want to enjoy a more gentle approach try one of these classes.

Level I classes are a foundation practice for healthy people of all ages. They  introduce you to the Integral Yoga style. They include Sun Salutations, a set of twelve basic postures, a progressive relaxation, basic breathing practices and an introduction to meditation.

Level II classes use the foundation of a level I practice and begin to build the techniques by adding variations, longer holds, and more variety of postures. The breathing practices are expanded and meditation is extended.  

level III classes use less instruction, and include vinyasa (one posture flowing into the next) with longer holds, and more postures, as well as more complex asanas. More emphasis is placed on breath and the more subtle practices of bandha (locks), mudra (seals) and kriya (cleansing techniques). It is a deep meditative practice for the seasoned practitioner.  


The gentle class taught on Wednesday morning  is an abbreviated class and cost $60 for a punch card of six classes. Or twelve classes for $110.

All other classes are 2 hour sessions and are $90 for six consecutive classes or twelve classes for $160. Sorry no punch cards available for these classes.

Private Sessions are available with Manjula Spears through an appointment for $60 per hour.

All classes can be paid for online. Private sessions can be made by appointment at 706-548-3625.

*Please note if paying online there is a small service fee.