Integral Yoga Basic Teacher Training 2016

Integral Yoga was a founding member of the Yoga Alliance (the national organization of Yoga teachers), and our Basic Yoga Teacher Training program fulfills the requirements for certification at the Yoga Alliance 200-hour level.

Program Details

Integral Yoga uses an inward, spiritually-focused form of Hatha Yoga to lead students to an experience of their true Self. To prepare teachers to lead students inward, our Yoga Teacher Training program offers a balance of theory and practice on a broad range of topics. The Yoga Teacher Training program offers thorough training in asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, and anatomy and physiology. It also includes many hours of training in yoga teaching methodology, including how to make corrections, teach yoga workshops, and more.

Class times

Our classes meet each day for two weeks from 7:00am-7:30pm with a break for lunch and rest. Included is practice time and study time with your class mates. The schedule includes one day and one evening off each week. May 14th- May 28th and Dec. 16th - 29th.  You will have Christmas eve and Christmas day off and graduate on the 29th. 

Support and Community

Our Basic Yoga Teacher Training program leads trainees on a time-tested journey to greater self-knowledge, with the support of a vibrant and well-respected spiritual community. Satchidananda Mission also offers mentorship and ongoing training to our graduates.

The Curriculum

The curriculum includes instruction in teaching Hatha Yoga postures, workshops to deepen your personal practice, classes in diet and nutrition, anatomy and physiology, Raja Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, and workshops to deepen your practice. Graduates receive a certificate to teach Beginner Level Hatha Yoga. 

We are honored to have our spiritual leader Swami Ramananda, Dr. Richard Panico, Rev. Manjula Spears

$2,500 Early Bird 1 (ends two months before start date)
$2,750 Early Bird 2 (ends one month before start date)
$2,900 Full price